Promoting Yourself As an Escort

When you start to check out London escorts, you will quickly release that there is a huge range of different London escorts agencies available in London. There are cheap escort agencies in London and there are also elite London escort agencies. When it comes to dating escorts in London, the trend is changing all of the time. The latest trend is for elite services and specialist membership services. A few escort agencies in London have launched special membership programs you can join even before you have dated an escort from the agency.

How expensive are these specialist London escorts membership services? Joining fees can range from £12 per month to several thousands pounds per year. Are they worth it? Some of them offer excellent value for money and others not so. Before you sign up to any London escorts subscription service, you do need to check out if you really get value for money. Some London escorts subscription services, or membership fees, are over the top to say the least.

What do you get for your money when you sign up to a London escorts membership service? What is on offer varies a great deal. Before you hand over your credit card details or Paypal account, it is best to make sure that you are familiar with the terms. What escort agencies vary so much that you really do need to read the small print. Perhaps that is not normally the sort of thing you want to do when you want to hook up with London escorts, but on this occasion, you do need to do so.

A London escorts agency may for instance offer you better price per date as they like to call it. That means that once you have signed up and paid the fee, you will get a discount or pay less for any dates you arrange with the escorts at that particular escort agency. Other escort agencies in London, may offer you sexier girls or access to their more elite London escorts. You would still pay the regular price, but you would get access to girls who are perhaps a bit sexier and have more experience.

Can you get the same results when you don’t use a subscription or paid membership service? Most of the time, there is no need to sign up for any specialist membership services when you want to date London escorts. Cheap London escorts are just as good as more elite escort and exclusive membership services. But, dating independent London escorts in London is really something that you should think twice about doing. When it comes to independent escorts, there are many problems associated with the service. When you want to make the most out of dating escorts in London, it is best to turn to an escort agency and make all of the arrangements through the agency. However, there is no need to use an exclusive membership service.…

Connect Sexually

Are you in a permanent relationship with another person? It does not matter if you are in a permanent relationship with another man or woman, establishing a connection is just as important. Can a better emotional connection help you to improve your sex life? Sometimes it can, but that is not necessarily true. I have met men during my London escorts career who claim that they have better sex when there is no emotional connection at all. Does love get in the way of great sex? From what I have learned from working at an elite London escorts agency, I would say that love can get in the way of sex from time to time.

If you would like to enjoy better sex with a long term partner, it is a good idea to introduce a little bit of fantasy role play in your life. I date a guy at London escorts who has a real keen interest in Japanese anime. He likes to pretend that he is anime sword-fighting super hero Naruto, and his girlfriends are his humble geishas. They are only there to please him and make sure that he has a good time. Is he the only one of my London escorts regulars with a rich sexual fantasy life?

No, he is not the only guy that I date at London escorts who is into role play. At first, I did not spend a lot of time thinking about why the guys who are into role play seem to get more out o sex. But, gradually, I became increasingly interested in why many London escorts role play clients seemed to have a better sex life. All of it sudden it dawned on me. Many of these men separate their sex life from any emotional connection that they have with their girlfriends or partners. It helps. What you actually end up doing is playing together as a couple.

Can we all achieve this? Of course, not all of us are into fantasy role play, but that is not the only way you can play together. At the end of the day, good sex is all about pleasing and satisfying the sexual cravings of the human body. There are many ways in which we can do so. If you don’t enjoy role play, you could, for instance, try sex toys instead. Before I got into working for London escorts, I never really used to like sex toys. But, since I learned more about sex toys, I have come to appreciate that they can really add a sparkle to your sex life.

Do you need to make love at night? Well, I know that most men like to have a snooze or a longer sleep after they have had sex. That does not mean that you need to have sex at night. Sunday morning is a great time to have sex. You can chill out together, and once you have had sex, you can both enjoy an extra little Sunday morning snooze. Perhaps not so easy when you have kids. I have to admit that I love to have Sunday morning sex when I have Sunday morning off from London escorts. Add a few sex toys, throw in a little bit of fantasy for good measure, and you will soon find that you can have a really good time with your partner any time of the day. …

3 Things Every Girl Should Carry in Her Handbag

A girl’s handbag is like an ocean of secret, or should that be sexrets? The thing is that I am out most of the day working for London escorts so I need to carry a lot of stuff in my bag. Yes, I have got the usual feminine essentials in my bag. But like I also say, there are some personal things that I cannot live without. Most London escorts probably have their own things which are important to them and that they always carry around with them.

I have to admit that I am hooked on good quality lipsticks. Some of the girls here at London escorts only buy cheap lipsticks, but I am different. I love my top quality lipsticks and if you were to look in my bag, you would find about ten of them. My girlfriends at London escorts cannot believe the amount of lipstick that I carry around with me. The thing is that I have some gents who only like certain colors. Also I think that a girl can project her mood by the colour lipstick she wears. Another thing i carry around is condoms as you don’t know when you are going to get a good fuck.

You are not going to believe this, but I still carry around an old Filofax. All of my colleagues at London escorts laugh at me, but I am addicted to my Filofax. I would be totally lost without it, and it works for me. As a matter of fact, I keep my life in my Filofax. Some of the more senior gents that I date at London escorts seem to appreciate my Filofax. They swear by them as well and like to still use them. You can still buy all of the bits for them so I cannot see why I should give it up. I think it is so practical to keep all your information in one place.

In my little lipstick bag, you will also find my mini vibrator. Sometimes I take it out by mistake and it is embarrassing on places like the Underground. It does after all look like a lip stick. None of the other girls that I know at London escorts carry their vibrators with them, and they think that I am a bit weird for doing so. But like I keep telling my friends at London escorts, vibrators are so versatile. You can use them to treat a tension headache or massage a certain spot. Of course, you can use them for the obvious as well but vibrators are truly multi functional.

How much does my handbag way? It is not exactly lightweight and looks more like a sack than a handbag. I keep on meaning to buy a new one but I am sort of used to it. Yes, it is a bit scruffy and I know that it looks like it has seen better day. But like I keep saying to myself, it is my bag and I like it. We have done some serious mile together and I am not ready to hang my bag up in the wardrobe just yet. Honestly I hope that my bag is going to be around for a long time, because I don’t think that I would be able to find any other one like it.…

Sex Toys And Escorts

Sex toys have actually been around for hundred of years says Amy from London escorts. The truth is that they may have been around for longer that and dildos are always turning up in the most unusual places. To most people it may seem a bit funny that sex toys were used a long time ago, but not to a girl like me. I think that sex toys are great and I use them all of the time when I am together with my boyfriend. Most of the girls here at London escorts use them, and we all find that they make sex more fun. That is certainly the first benefit of using sex toys in any relationship.

I also think that sex toys help women relax, and that goes for the girls here at London escorts. Most women do have a hard time chilling out in bed. The thing is, if you are not relaxed you can’t really come that easily. I found when I use a vibrator when I am with my boyfriend, even for a short while, I come a lot easier. That goes for the rest of the girls here at London escorts as well. We all say the same thing, sex toys can really help you to feel more relaxed when you are with a new partner.

If you have been in a relationship for a long time sex toys are great. It s not always easy to put the sparkle into an old relationship but I think that you can do so when using sex toys. Most of the girls here at London escorts are okay with sex toys, and I think it would be fair to say that the girls who work for London escorts, use sex toys all of the time. I know that I do and I think it really has added a spark to the relationship with my boyfriend. At first he was a bit shy about using sex toys, but now he is okay with it.

Do men enjoy sex toys? I think that men like sex toys as much as women do. Nine out of ten of London escorts say that their lovers like using sex toys during play. Men are sensitive to good vibrations as well. I notice that my boyfriend has a really deep orgasm when I use a sex toy on him when we are together. The other girls here at London escorts say the same thing, so I guess that must be true. Ladies out there should try it some time on their gents to see if they enjoy it.

Finally sex toys are great for exploring your fantasy life. I have some really kinky fantasies and many of them do pop out when I am playing with sex toys. It comes down to the fact that you are much more relaxed and your mind starts to drift. All of a sudden you feel like doing the things that you have always dreamed. For some reason I think that sex toys can bring out a much better and sexier person. That person is always there, it is just that you are more chilled when you are enjoy sex. Lots of the girls that I work with at London escorts say the same thing, and to be honest, I don’t think that we should be shy to introduce sex toys into our relationships.…

Laundromat Lust

As Stacey stood folding her laundry in the laundromat, she considered taking out the sidearm, which was tucked beneath her jacket, and putting one through the overhead fluorescent light that was spastically blinking and buzzing enough to give her a headache. It was only the thought of explaining to her unit captain what the hell she was thinking that stopped her. She could also admit that after working undercover for five months, she was definitely on edge and needed to decompress and doing laundry at midnight on a Friday definitely wasn’t cutting it. As she contemplated starting in on a box of wine when she got home, the bell above the door jingled.

As she looked over at the newcomer, her heart beat sped up and she could feel herself growing warm. His shirt fit snugly over his hard chest and his jeans were just tight enough to reveal his muscular legs. She immediately began thinking about what else lay under his clothes and she was so lost in her fantasy she didn’t notice he was staring at her. She couldn’t stop imaging running her hands over his body and having his tongue tasting her. She could feel herself getting hot and wet and needed something desperately.

“Ahem, is something wrong?” he said with an almost mocking glint in his eye that told her he was aware of her thoughts.

“Yeah”, she replied, and before she could lose her nerve she walked over to him. As she stopped in front of him, he drew in a sharp breath, looking surprised. She felt her power over him and let her desire take over. She reached her hand into his waistband and immediately felt his erection, the velvet smooth skin stretched tight over his hardness. She felt a drop of his moisture on the tip and imagined sucking it off with her mouth.

As she began to unbuckle his fly, he grabbed her hands, holding them behind her back, and spun her around to push her against the dryer. The warm vibration from the machine at her back just made her ache more and she could feel her dampness through her panties. As he held her hands pinned behind her, she acknowledged that he was fully in control and marveled in the freedom of letting go.

He kissed her neck as he pulled up the hem of her skirt and dove his hand into her underwear. His fingers immediately thrust into her wetness until she was panting with her need. She wanted all of him, now, filling her up completely. As she grew wetter, he inserted another finger into her as his thumb worked her most sensitive nub.

She moaned with disappointment as his hand withdrew but this quickly turned into a gasp as his hands moved around to her ass and lifted her onto the dryer. As he spread her legs and moved between them she reached for his pants, pushing them down his legs, along with his boxers. His cock sprang free, hard and full with throbbing veins, and she couldn’t help but take it in her hand and stroke it.

He pushed her hand away as grabbed her ass and pulled her forward to the edge of the dryer. The tip of his cock was right at her entrance and she was pulsing her with her need for him.

“Say what you want.”

“Oh God, I want you inside of me, now, hard”.

Without warning, he drove into her and she gasped with pleasure at the sudden fullness. With her ass hanging off the vibrating dryer and her legs dangling from the edge, she could gain little traction to move. He slowly bent his knees and his shaft partially withdrew from her. She whimpered and squirmed and he straightened his legs and drove into her again. As her breath quickened his thrusts became deeper and more powerful. She drew her legs together around his ass and pulled him in closer to her so each thrust drove her closer to the edge, hitting her in just the right spot. As she began to gasp, his powerful thrust pushed her up off the dryer, again, again, again until they both let out a scream together, letting the wave of pleasure crash over them.

“You’re coming back to my place.”

“Hell yeah.”

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