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3 Things Every Girl Should Carry in Her Handbag

A girl’s handbag is like an ocean of secret, or should that be sexrets? The thing is that I am out most of the day working for London escorts so I need to carry a lot of stuff in my bag. Yes, I have got the usual feminine essentials in my bag. But like I […]

Sex Toys And Escorts

Sex toys have actually been around for hundred of years says Amy from London escorts. The truth is that they may have been around for longer that and dildos are always turning up in the most unusual places. To most people it may seem a bit funny that sex toys were used a long time […]

Laundromat Lust


As Stacey stood folding her laundry in the laundromat, she considered taking out the sidearm, which was tucked beneath her jacket, and putting one through the overhead fluorescent light that was spastically blinking and buzzing enough to give her a headache. It was only the thought of explaining to her unit captain what the hell […]