Laundromat Lust

As Stacey stood folding her laundry in the laundromat, she considered taking out the sidearm, which was tucked beneath her jacket, and putting one through the overhead fluorescent light that was spastically blinking and buzzing enough to give her a headache. It was only the thought of explaining to her unit captain what the hell she was thinking that stopped her. She could also admit that after working undercover for five months, she was definitely on edge and needed to decompress and doing laundry at midnight on a Friday definitely wasn’t cutting it. As she contemplated starting in on a box of wine when she got home, the bell above the door jingled.

As she looked over at the newcomer, her heart beat sped up and she could feel herself growing warm. His shirt fit snugly over his hard chest and his jeans were just tight enough to reveal his muscular legs. She immediately began thinking about what else lay under his clothes and she was so lost in her fantasy she didn’t notice he was staring at her. She couldn’t stop imaging running her hands over his body and having his tongue tasting her. She could feel herself getting hot and wet and needed something desperately.

“Ahem, is something wrong?” he said with an almost mocking glint in his eye that told her he was aware of her thoughts.

“Yeah”, she replied, and before she could lose her nerve she walked over to him. As she stopped in front of him, he drew in a sharp breath, looking surprised. She felt her power over him and let her desire take over. She reached her hand into his waistband and immediately felt his erection, the velvet smooth skin stretched tight over his hardness. She felt a drop of his moisture on the tip and imagined sucking it off with her mouth.

As she began to unbuckle his fly, he grabbed her hands, holding them behind her back, and spun her around to push her against the dryer. The warm vibration from the machine at her back just made her ache more and she could feel her dampness through her panties. As he held her hands pinned behind her, she acknowledged that he was fully in control and marveled in the freedom of letting go.

He kissed her neck as he pulled up the hem of her skirt and dove his hand into her underwear. His fingers immediately thrust into her wetness until she was panting with her need. She wanted all of him, now, filling her up completely. As she grew wetter, he inserted another finger into her as his thumb worked her most sensitive nub.

She moaned with disappointment as his hand withdrew but this quickly turned into a gasp as his hands moved around to her ass and lifted her onto the dryer. As he spread her legs and moved between them she reached for his pants, pushing them down his legs, along with his boxers. His cock sprang free, hard and full with throbbing veins, and she couldn’t help but take it in her hand and stroke it.

He pushed her hand away as grabbed her ass and pulled her forward to the edge of the dryer. The tip of his cock was right at her entrance and she was pulsing her with her need for him.

“Say what you want.”

“Oh God, I want you inside of me, now, hard”.

Without warning, he drove into her and she gasped with pleasure at the sudden fullness. With her ass hanging off the vibrating dryer and her legs dangling from the edge, she could gain little traction to move. He slowly bent his knees and his shaft partially withdrew from her. She whimpered and squirmed and he straightened his legs and drove into her again. As her breath quickened his thrusts became deeper and more powerful. She drew her legs together around his ass and pulled him in closer to her so each thrust drove her closer to the edge, hitting her in just the right spot. As she began to gasp, his powerful thrust pushed her up off the dryer, again, again, again until they both let out a scream together, letting the wave of pleasure crash over them.

“You’re coming back to my place.”

“Hell yeah.”

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