Sex Toys And Escorts

Sex toys have actually been around for hundred of years says Amy from London escorts. The truth is that they may have been around for longer that and dildos are always turning up in the most unusual places. To most people it may seem a bit funny that sex toys were used a long time ago, but not to a girl like me. I think that sex toys are great and I use them all of the time when I am together with my boyfriend. Most of the girls here at London escorts use them, and we all find that they make sex more fun. That is certainly the first benefit of using sex toys in any relationship.

I also think that sex toys help women relax, and that goes for the girls here at London escorts. Most women do have a hard time chilling out in bed. The thing is, if you are not relaxed you can’t really come that easily. I found when I use a vibrator when I am with my boyfriend, even for a short while, I come a lot easier. That goes for the rest of the girls here at London escorts as well. We all say the same thing, sex toys can really help you to feel more relaxed when you are with a new partner.

If you have been in a relationship for a long time sex toys are great. It s not always easy to put the sparkle into an old relationship but I think that you can do so when using sex toys. Most of the girls here at London escorts are okay with sex toys, and I think it would be fair to say that the girls who work for London escorts, use sex toys all of the time. I know that I do and I think it really has added a spark to the relationship with my boyfriend. At first he was a bit shy about using sex toys, but now he is okay with it.

Do men enjoy sex toys? I think that men like sex toys as much as women do. Nine out of ten of London escorts say that their lovers like using sex toys during play. Men are sensitive to good vibrations as well. I notice that my boyfriend has a really deep orgasm when I use a sex toy on him when we are together. The other girls here at London escorts say the same thing, so I guess that must be true. Ladies out there should try it some time on their gents to see if they enjoy it.

Finally sex toys are great for exploring your fantasy life. I have some really kinky fantasies and many of them do pop out when I am playing with sex toys. It comes down to the fact that you are much more relaxed and your mind starts to drift. All of a sudden you feel like doing the things that you have always dreamed. For some reason I think that sex toys can bring out a much better and sexier person. That person is always there, it is just that you are more chilled when you are enjoy sex. Lots of the girls that I work with at London escorts say the same thing, and to be honest, I don’t think that we should be shy to introduce sex toys into our relationships.

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